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Do you know how well your investment in Network & Endpoint security solutions protecting you?
DIY measure of effective-ness & readiness of your deployed Network & Endpoint security controls.

About WhiteHax

You have made substantial investments in fortifying your enterprise security by deploying many kinds of security solutions like micro & macro Firewalls, WAF, IPS, Anti-malware, Anti-X, SIEM, Honey-pots, DLP, Forensic Analysis tools and others. However are you frequently verifying your deployed security solutions for their effectiveness on detecting & preventing threats? or to make sure if ever there is an infection, infiltration or security-breach, that it's caught immediately and prevented??

What : WhiteHax is a unique multi-appliance, pre & post-infiltration, security-breach simulation platform to allow IT Security teams to test the effectiveness of their already deployed security infrastructure. It is a purpose-built attack simulation platform architected as Attacker that targets multiple Target appliances strategically deployed within the Enterprise network. It generates real-life, multi-stage, multi-step complex attacks including those described by cyber-kill-chain sequences to ensure your security infrastructure can detect and prevent these scenarios quickly before the breach spreads further.

How : Designed with an Attacker virtual appliance which acts as an internal, infected or breached machine and a Target virtual appliance which assumes personality of different servers/endpoints on the network based on where it’s deployed, WhiteHax allows actual verification of security infrastructure inside-out. Different sets of built-in attack simulation profiles allow the security infrastructure to be verified thoroughly for the effectiveness of detection and prevention. It can simulate security-breach scenarios to verify infrastructure by security-solution type (e.g Firewall, IPS, anti-X etc.); by attack type (e.g D/DoS, C&C communication etc.); or by multi-step, multi-stage, cyber-kill-chain scenarios and many more.

Why : WhiteHax is the only solution which allows the IT Security team to conduct automated internal verification of their own security infrastructure defenses without impacting any production servers or endpoints. Now you can deploy WhiteHaX Attackers & Targets across your entire security infrastructure to verify effectiveness of the detection and prevention against security-breaches at various network paths, individually or simultaneously, including

  • Intra-hypervisor (east-west traffic between VMs)

  • Intra or Inter Servers, Inter-Department & Inter-Data-Center

  • DMZ, remote-sites & Extra-Nets (Vendor/Partner/Contractor connectivity)

  • Public and Private Cloud Deployments

    WhiteHax security-breach simulation solution is the most comprehensive internal security solution verification solution available for IT Security administrators & security professionals.


Building the right security defenses for identifying and preventing security-breaches is an iterative, evolving process. WhiteHaX helps you identify security holes in your detection/prevention infrastructure and then help you verify as you fix them by deploying right security solutions at right place in the infrastructure. WhiteHaX is available in different versions including

  • WhiteHaX Network – for On-Prim Enterprise and local data-center network security infrastructure effectiveness verification

  • WhiteHaX EndPoint – for Endpoint security solutions and policy control verification

  • WhiteHaX Lite – Quick security verification of 3rd-party remotely connecting sites (Vendors/Partners/Contractors and remote users)

  • WhiteHaX PVC – for testing Private or Public Cloud deployed infrastructure

  • WhiteHaX MSSP – for Managed Security Service Providers who perform Pen-testing, Ethical Hacking and other services


Inside-Out security-breach and attack simulations are an absolutely essential measure for Enterprises to implement so that the production security infrastructure (deployed security solutions), defenses and prevention methods are frequently and thoroughly verified. WhiteHAX currently is the only solution that provides an in-depth, real-life simulation verification for this purpose. Some of the key benefits of WhiteHAX are,

  • Business Intelligence on Deployed Security Solution Effectiveness: Generates real-time continuous business intelligence & ROI analysis on the effectiveness of deployed security solutions as well as readiness against different types of attacks and cyber-kill-chain scenarios – based on readiness Index whit historical graph displaying improvement in threat and security preparedness for CISO, CIO and Board review.

  • Comprehensive Security & Cyber-breach Scenario Simulations: Provides thorough, multi-step, multi-stage cyber-kill-chain scenarios, most recent threat advisory-based scenarios and other deep simulation scenarios to verify the detection & prevention effectiveness of deployed security infrastructure from Firewalls, IPS to Honey-pots and everything in-between.

  • Zero-Impact on production Servers or Endpoints: Performs hundreds of real-time, real-life security-breach and infiltration scenarios to verify deployed security solutions across the entire infrastructure without impacting any of the servers or endpoints in the enterprise.

  • Attacker-Target based Multi-appliance System: Deploys self-contained virtual appliances and/or Endpoint Agent across the entire infrastructure for comprehensive testing methodology including intra-hypervisor (east-west) targets, inter-hypervisor targets, extra-net/DMZ targets & cloud-server targets.

  • Seamless Vendor-Neutral Verification: Verifies effective-ness and readiness of most types of Detection and Prevention security solutions (NG-FWs, WAF, IPS, Antivirus/Anti-Malware/Anti-X, DLP, NAC, Behavioral monitoris, SIEMs etc.) and Deceptive Technologies like Active Honeypots and others.

  • Deploy Anywhere: Can be used on-premise or in the cloud to ensure fool-proof security deployment. It's compatible with AWS, MS Azure, VMWare or OpenStack based public & private Clouds.

About IronSDN, Corp.

IronSDN, Corp. is a silicon valley start-up with veteran team of experts from security companies such as Symantec, Cisco, McAfee and others. Please contact us for further information, datasheets, whitepapers or to arrange for a demo/trials of WhiteHax solutions, send email with details to - salesdev@whitehax.com

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