Your business is a cyber target.
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Self-evaluate Cyber Readiness of your deployed Security Controls & Policies.

About WhiteHaX

Most businesses make substantial investments in fortifying their enterprise security by deploying various kinds of security solutions like Firewalls, WAF, IPS, Anti-malware, Anti-X Sandboxes, SIEM, Honey-pots, DLP, Forensic Analysis tools and others. However, ensuring that these solutions and their respective configurations and policies, efficiently detect and prevent the most recent, most dangerous & most damaging attacks, security-breach scenarios, infiltration attempts and other types of threats, is critical.

What : WhiteHaX is a unique attack scenarios and security-breach simulation platform to allow IT Security teams to self-evaluate the effectiveness of their already deployed security infrastructure.

How : Deployed in the cloud or on-primese, WhiteHaX allows actual verification of security infrastructure inside-out. It simulates cyber attacks, security-breach scenarios, infiltration attempts and other threats to verify deployed security solutions, controls and policies.

Why : Businesses should be at all-times aware of their cyber readiness. By utilizing WhiteHaX solutions, businesses can self-assess their deployed security infrastructure to understand risks and weakness areas to improve. The cloud hosted WhiteHaX solution, within minutes can simulate different threats to verify how effective are the level-1 network defenses, level-2 endpoint defenses as well controls and policies to guard against user-behavior based exploits and OS/SW exploits.

WhiteHaX solutions are purpose-built to verify business security infrastructure and policies to ensure that most recent, most dangerous and commonly threats are detected and prevented by them.

WhiteHaX for Cyber Insurers, Brokers and MGAs

WhiteHaX Cyber Insurance is a cloud-hosted, dedicated platform for cyber Insurers, Brokers and MGAs to offer to their insured business customers to help them improve the overall security posture gradually. WhiteHaX performs a quick, under 15-min cyber readiness verification on their Network defenses, Endpoint defenses, User-behavior, OS and software to verify if most recent, most dangerous and frequently used attack techniques are detected and prevented. It then provides the insured a detailed report of weaknesses found in their security infrastructure, makes recommendations on how to improve them and provides list of resources which can help the insured with improving overall security. Some of the key features of WhiteHaX Cyber Insurance cloud-hosted platform are:

  • Quick Engagement: Short verification cycle (15-mins) requires no major involvement or commitment from Insured business.

  • No Install: No software or hardware component needs to be installed at the Insured network.

  • Zero Impact: No impact on the Insured's business or production network.

  • No Footprint: Nothing is left behind once WhiteHaX verification is done.

  • No Proprietary Data Capture: No data is captured from the Insured network, endpoints or servers - not even local IP addresses.

WhiteHaX Enterprise Solutions

Inside-Out security-breach and attack simulations are an absolutely essential measure for Enterprises to implement so that the production security infrastructure (deployed security solutions), defenses and prevention methods are frequently and thoroughly verified. WhiteHaX currently is the only solution that provides an in-depth, real-life simulation verification for this purpose. Some of the key benefits of WhiteHaX are,


Building the right security defenses for identifying and preventing security-breaches is an iterative, evolving process. WhiteHaX helps the businesses identify security holes in their detection/prevention infrastructure and then help them re-verify as issues are fixed when right security solutions at right place in the infrastructure. WhiteHaX Enterprise solutions include,

  • WhiteHaX Network: for On-Prim Enterprise and local data-center network security infrastructure effectiveness verification

  • WhiteHaX EndPoint: for Endpoint security solutions and policy control verification

  • WhiteHaX Lite: Quick security verification of 3rd-party remotely connecting sites (Vendors/Partners/Contractors and remote users)

  • WhiteHaX VPC: for testing Private or Public Cloud deployed infrastructure

  • WhiteHaX MSSP: for Managed Security Service Providers who perform Pen-testing, Ethical Hacking and other services

About IronSDN, Corp.

IronSDN, Corp. is a silicon valley start-up with veteran team of experts from security companies such as Symantec, Cisco, McAfee and others. Please contact us for further information, datasheets, whitepapers or to arrange for a demo/trials of WhiteHaX solutions, send email with details to - salesdev@WhiteHaX.com

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