WhiteHaX Cyber Readiness Verification: Trusted by some of the largest Cyber Insurance Carriers with Tens of thousands of licenses deployed, WhiteHaX is a cloud-hosted, automated, cyber-readiness verification (pen-testing) platform. The WhiteHaX cyber-insurance version provides a no-install, no-impact, quick (under 15-min) verification of a business' cyber-readiness by simulating several threat scenarios against the business' deployed security infrastructure, including network perimeter defenses and endpoint security & controls. Simulated threat scenarios include firewall attacks, user-attacks from internet such as drive-by downloads, email phishing/spoofing/spamming, ransomware, data-exfiltration attempts and others. The 3 types of network scans allow businesses to verify potential dangers of malware/ransomware propagation, wifi security and external scan of network firewalls. WhiteHaX Cyber readiness verification allows business to stay ahead of potential vulnerablities in the business security infrastructure.


WhiteHaX PhishSim Platform: Since various forms of Phishing are the #1 reason for malware/ransomware outbreaks, ID-theft and other business cyber breaches, WhiteHaX PhishSim – business phishing readiness significantly reduces cyber insurance pay-out losses by helping Insured businesses improve their overall cyber readiness. Click Here to Learn More...


WhiteHaX CyberSafe Apps: WhiteHaX CyberSafe Mobile Apps are a one-of-a-kind, cloud-managed mobile apps for protecting mobile devices by first performing a thorough verification of a mobile device cyber-readiness, its OS and App settings and network security against several threat scenarios. They offer a wholistic approach to complete mobile security and data privacy with features such as. Deep Analysis of Security & Data Privacy; On-demand WiFi Security Scan; One-click, Fast, AES-265 secured, Cloud-based VPN; Network scan for Wifi-connected smart-device in the home/business; Family Protect Features to block inappropriate content; Web Phishing Filter to eliminate risks of bad sites; Cross-platform Password Vault and Comprehensive Security Training on device security, social media and other commonly used apps. WhiteHaX CyberSafe apps are available for iOS, Android, MacOS & Windows devices.Click Here to Learn More...

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WhiteHaX PhishSim & WhiteHaX Cyber readiness verification for Cyber Insurers, Brokers and MGAs.


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IronSDN, Corp. is a silicon valley start-up with team of veteran enterprenuers who have built and sold a number of cyber security businesses and worked with security companies such as Symantec, Cisco, McAfee and others. With a team of advisors from cyber insurance stalworths like Advisen, NetDiligence, SVIA and others, IronSDN has the best of both, cyber-security solutions and services expertise combined with cyber-insurance business knowledge.

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