WhiteHaX PhishSim: Phishing Training & Rediness Verification

Since employee training & periodic Verification are the most effective prevention against Phishing threats IronSDN has developed the low-cost, purpose-built, cloud-based, multi-hosting WhiteHaX Phish-Sim platform , In order to help businesses train & verify their employees on Phishing & BEC risks,. WhiteHaX PhishSim is built on simple principal of Educate, Demonstrate, Verify. It allows businesses to a) train users through interactive tutorials, quizzes and phishing games; b) simulate real-life phishing & BEC scams toverify which group of employees are the most susceptible and c ) measure business readiness against Phishing & BECs by individual users, groups and overall business. Some of the major components of WhiteHaX PhishSim platform are,

  1. ★ Interactive, Easy-to-grasp Trainings, Quizzes & Games: The platform includes several training methods to allow users to get clear & precise understanding of various types of BEC & Phishing scams. Tutorials include how to identify Phishing in 3-steps, Microsoft O365 scams, Various Phishing varients along with number of interactive games such as Phishing word-scramble, Role-play & Crosswords which help increase fact retention 60% better than reading or video material.

  2. ★ Employee Certification: Once training is complete, employees are prompted to take quizzes and play various games to verify employee’s understanding of the phishing and BEC scams. With every completed quiz or game employees gain multi-level certification, which in turn is tracked along with quizz & games scores.

  3. ★ Real-life, Phishing & BEC Scam Simulations: WhiteHaX Platform includes hundreds of email templates which simulate real life phishing & BEC scams. These Templates can simulate email fraud in many categories such as Microsoft O365 & SharePoint scams, various user lure techniques, business compromise scams such as invoice fraud, payroll redirect, executive requests etc.; social networking scams and others. These templates are used to periodically verify employees knowledge & readiness against phishing. IronSDN is constantly adding new templates to simulate most recent & most dangerous email scams so that business can keep employees trained to detect such scams.

  4. ★ Extensive Verification & Reporting: WhiteHaX platform tracks all user activities including whether training & various quiz/games were completed, every simulated email that’s sent to an employee, whether user clicked the attachment or URL in the email, whether any data was input in to a fake website and what kind of data etc. Business IT team then can roll up the reports to evaluate phishing & BEC readiness for overall business, groups or individual employees. This allows the business not only to understand which groups of users are more vulnerable than others, but also get employees well prepared to detect and prevent any email based threats.

  5. ★ First-of-its-kind Mobile Apps for Employees: WhiteHaX also offers both web-based & App-based dashboard for employees to take training & quizzes, play games and learn at thier own pace. The apps & Web-based employee dashboard allows employee to track their own progress aginast the rest of the organization. WhiteHaX PhishSim Apps are available for iOS & Android.

  6. ★ Lowest Cost Phishing Readiness Verification: WhiteHaX PhishSim is the lowest cost, all-inclusive, cloud-based solution avaialble to help businesses eliminate human-erros related to Phishing and its varients like Smishing, Vishin & Social Engineering attacks.

Benefits to Cyber Insurers


By offering WhiteHaX PhishBEC-Sim Platform based cloud-Hosted, comprehensive, intuitive Phishing training & readiness verification as part of risk-control, risk-management services, cyber insurers can substantially reduce pay-out risk of email-based threats to business policyholders. Some of the major benefits for Cyber Insurer through WhiteHaX PhishSim platform, are:

  1. ★ Eliminate Human-Risk: It allows Cyber Insurers to eliminate the single biggest human-risk associated with business policyholders through a distinctly beneficial risk-management service.

  2. ★ Small Cost: It’s the lowest cost. most effective risk-control service which allows Insurers to substantially reduce pay-out risk with only a small investment.

  3. ★ Portfolio Risk Analytics: The Extensive user training, phishing verification, tracking & reporting through the platform, helps the Insurer gain insight into the Phishing readiness of all policyholders for actuarial-analysis and portofilio risk-management.

  4. ★ Substantial Differentiation: Offering Comprehensive Phishing Scam risk-control service can provide a substantial differentiation for the Insurer against competitors - which in turn helps attract new customers and increases existing customer retention.

  5. ★ Brand Retention & Awareness: Optional white-labeling of the WhiteHaX PhishSim Platform not only brand awareness but increases customer retention as customers appreciate cyber risk control services provided by their Insurer.

Benefits to MSSPs


Utilizing WhiteHaX PhishBEC-Sim Platform, MSSPs can build a cloud-Hosted, comprehensive, intuitive Phishing training & readiness verification service instantly. Here are some of the major benefits for MSSPs to utilize WhiteHaX platform as a service for their business customers

  1. ★ Cloud-hosted, Hands-off Service: WhiteHaX PhishSim helps build a completely hands-off managed service, requiring minimal resources for service management & initial setup.It offers smart-mode to automate all functions of service management so once set, no further interaction is required by MSSP staff.

  2. ★ Generate Substantial Additional Revenues: Eliminating human error related to Phishing risks is a critical service required by businesses. WhiteHaX PhishSim helps create recurring, subscription-based revenue stream from existing and new customers.

  3. ★ Low Cost, Huge ROI The low entry cost allows MSSPs to build the service quickly while only paying for what’s used.ON an average MSSPs offering Phishing Readiness Verification service using WhiteHaX PhishSim platform generate 8-12X ROI on revenues to cost ratio. MSSP can use it is as a subscription service or as a part of other services such as pen-testing.

  4. ★ Substantial Differentiation: Offering Comprehensive Phishing Readiness Verification service can provide a substantial differentiation for the MSSP against other competitors - which in turn helps attract new customers and increases existing customer retention.

  5. ★ Brand Retention & Awareness: Optional white-labeling of the WhiteHaX PhishSim Platform substantially increases MSSP brand awareness and makes the MSSP look technologically advanced.

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