WhiteHaX CyberSafe Apps


While consumer id-theft, data, privacy and security risks on personal devices are increasing significantly, currently available mobile security solutions still only focus on providing a single protection function such as firewall for mobile, anti-virus for mobile, VPN for Mobile etc. WhiteHaX CyberSafe apps take a wholistic approach to mobile security – through full risk assessment of the personal device, data security, privacy and other risks; step-by-step remediation help & active protection. CyberSafe app features are divided into four major sections for intuitive, easy navigation.

Section I - Risk Verification:

  • Deep Analysis of Mobile Device Security: : Examines over 60 device, OS and application settings to assess device and OS security, data security, privacy, network risks, and internet threats like phishing, malware downloads, and malicious websites.
  • On-demand WiFi Security Scan: : With a single click, verifies the security and integrity of connected WiFi networks, protecting users from potential risks and alerting them to insecure 3rd party WiFi connections.
  • Smart-Device Scan with WiFi Intrusion Detection: Smart devices such as cameras, smart Doorbells, Thermostats, TVs, printers etc. are a constant target of hackers. WhiteHaX app can perform a deep network scan of all connected smart devices and identify their potential security risks.
  • Detailed Risk Categories and Remediation: Identified threats are categorized with step-by-step instructions for remediation that guides user through specific OS & device settings to eliminate potential cyber risks.

Section II - Active Protection :

  • Threat Intelligence Malicious Site Filter: Actively protects against tens of thousands of malicious sites spreading malware, ransomware, phishing and other threats. The filter is regularly updated from over 100 sources.
  • One-click VPN: Provides secure and private internet access, protecting users from eavesdropping and theft, especially on 3rd-party WiFi.
  • ML-driven Malicious Activity Detection: Monitors mobile device resources and installed app behaviors against normal behavior to immediately detect any malware or spyware suspicious activity on the device.
  • Cross-platform Password Manager: Helps generate strong passwords and auto fills them for logging into websites and applications.
  • Family Protect Mode: Utilizes OpenDNS to help filter out explicit, inappropriate or violent web content ensuring a safer online experience for younger family members.

Section III – Privacy Risks:

  • ID-theft Scan: : The dark-web scan assesses whether users’ emails, passwords or other personal info is being sold on the dark-web. If so, detailed remediation instructions are provided to mitigate such compromise.
  • DeleteMe Data Removal:With one-click WhiteHaX app deletes user’s personal data from top Data Broker sites to prevent ID theft, personalized scams, and other cyber risks. Automated periodic deletion helps counter ongoing collection of personal data.
  • Private Email Alias:Significantly increases user privacy by allowing users to set up an email alias to hide their own emails when they need to provide emails for purchasing sites, junk sites, news or ad-generating sites etc.

Section IV – Threat Tutorials:

  • Phishing & Ransomware Training:Real-life phishing scenarios educate users about common scams, prevent malware infections and ID theft. It also educates users about risks of unknown apps.
  • Step-by-step Threat Tutorials:Detailed tutorials guide users a) in adjusting certain device & app settings that cannot be automated due to OS restrictions, b) helping users eliminate threats related to social media apps, third-party apps, and specific OS configurations.

Protection for the Entire Household or Business:

  • A single user sign-up can enable protection for the entire household. Similarly, the business admin can use central web console to manage and control app features through security profiles. WhiteHaX app tracks security risks for all devices with a consolidated view for easy management.

  • WhiteHaX apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS to protect all household or business devices.